The Natural Burial Cemetery Guide  January 1, 2017


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“Discovering Natural Burial Cemeteries” in

Changing Landscapes: Exploring the growth of ethical, compassionate, and environmentally sustainable green funeral service  by Lee Webster 2017



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Green Burial Not Just Throwing Ashes on Compost Heap December 6, 2016


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CAPSTONE Expedition at Maug Island Sept/Oct 2016

Basins and Seas October 2011

Voyagers Cruising with Voyagers




Swan Song February 2017

Cruising for a Cause

 Splicing Rope Tails

 Maintaining the Whisker Pole

    Barge Folk-October 2013

     A Maritime Crossroads in Southeast Asia


        Sailing Blue Nun March 2017

        Christmas Island

       Jalan-Jalan in the Tanimbars



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 Where, How and Why to Choose Green Burial  

  Dance2Death Afterlife Podcast with Brant Huddleston

                  Part 1 of 2

                  Part 2 of 2

Bury Me Naturally Under the High-Bush Blueberries

April 2, 2017

Ethical Culture Society, Maplewood, NJ



Interview  aired on KOOP community radio in Austin, Texas.



2010-2011 Don Hamingson Literary Showcase honoree.





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Plastic boxes are now standard packaging for produce in food stores.

How are they made? Are they recyclable? Should we be concerned about our dependence on them?




For those who love the sea and also read fiction.